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Reading Research Guide (Education): Reading Theorists

A guide to resources on reading development, teaching reading, and children's literature

Theorists & Finding Books

Choose one of the following theorists.

Theorists in bold type must be chosen.

  • Bloom, Benjamin (2)
  • Bruner, Jerome (2)
  • Chall, Jeanne (2)
  • Chomsky, Noam (8)
  • Clay, Marie (1 on order)
  • Dewey, John (6)
  • Gardner, Howard (9)
  • Goodman, Kenneth (1 on order)
  • Halliday, Michael A.K. (4)
  • Mann, Horace
  • Levine, Mel (Melvin)(3 + 1 on order)
  • Montessori, Maria (3)
  • Rosenblatt, Louise (2)
  • Smith, Frank (1928)(1)
  • Thorndike, Edward(1)
  • Vygotsky, Lev (1 on order)

The number in ( ) after the name means the library has books by or about the theorist.

Use the catalog under the Find Books tab above and search by both subject and author.

Finding Books in Other Libraries

If the library does not own a book by or about your theorist or if you wish to find additional materials on the theorist, use the suggestions below:

Reference Sources

Start your research with Reference Sources to:

  • Find basic information about a theorist
  • Identify additional sources

Finding Articles

Try the education databases under the Find Articles tab above to find published articles by or about your theorist.

Try to Advanced Search to search by either author or subject.

These databases will also contain instructional strategies based on your theorist's ideas, lessons plans, and possibly manipulatives, especially the ERIC database.

If you have difficulty finding information, Ask a Librarian or make an appointment with Robert Krzanowski, the library liaison for the Education Department (contact information above).

Research Help

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Robert Krzanowski

Finding Video

Check the sources for video listed under the Find Media tab above.

Find Scholarly Articles with Google

Google Scholar identifies scholarly articles on the Internet.  If you are unable to get the full text of an article, use the Interlibrary Loan form on the far left to order it.

Google Scholar Search