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Interlibrary Loan: Requesting Materials from Other Libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

A guide to borrowing materials from other libraries for students, faculty, & staff

Questions About Your Carroll CC Interlibrary Loan?

Contact Robert Krzanowski, Technical Services Librarian, at 410-386-8337 or

Request an Interlibrary Loan from the Carroll CC Library

If you are unable to find a book or article, Interlibrary Loan is a service for Carroll students, faculty, and staff to obtain needed materials. 

All others would need to complete Interlibrary Loan request at their local public library.  A link is provided below for Interlibrary Loan for Carroll County Library patrons.

We look for materials in Maryland libraries first.  If the item is not available in Maryland, we look in libraries outside of Maryland.

Complete the Interlibrary Loan online form below including all of the information requested.

For books or DVDs, allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.  You will be notified by email that the item is on the Hold Shelf at the Circulation Desk when it becomes available.

Articles often come sooner than 2 weeks because they may be provided electronically.  If so, they will be forwarded to your email account.  If the articles arrives in print, it will either be mailed to you or scanned and forwarded to your email.

WorldCat - a tool for determining availability

Request Materials from Maryland Libraries

Anyone with a local library card, including a Carroll CC card, can request materials (primarily books, audiobooks, and DVDs) from the Maryland Libraries catalog (Marina) independently. 

You will be asked to pick a library where the materials should be delivered when making the request.

If you are affiliated with the college and the item/s you need are not available in Marina, complete an Interlibrary Loan Request through the Carroll CC Library so that the item/s can be requested from academic libraries in Maryland and libraries outside of Maryland.

If you are not affiliated with the college, the Carroll County Public Libraries can also request materials from libraries around the country for their patrons.  According to their website:

"If you are unable to find materials via Marina, a request can be made from Maryland academic libraries and out-of-state libraries. Materials obtained from out-of-state libraries may take longer to arrive depending on availability and delivery methods. Many types of materials can be requested through interlibrary loans; however, many institutions do not lend new or audiovisual materials. There may be additional fees (you will be contacted prior to ordering for approval) from out-of-state loaning libraries. Fees are payable at the time of pick up. Please consult with a librarian at your local branch to place an Interlibrary Loan request."

Finding Articles on the Internet

Many periodicals or publications published periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) provide an archive on their website of previous issues.

Before completing an Interlibrary Loan request for an article, consider searching the Internet for the website for the publication itself and looking for an archive. 

This can be the fastest way to obtain an article other than finding it in a research database.