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Explore Diversity: Welcome

This is a landing page that links out to Carroll Community College's various learning challenges, collections of resources on a heritage or history month.


Illustrated profiles of different kinds of people overlapping eachother

Welcome to Carroll Community College's "Explore Diversity" site. Use these resources to discover, learn and challenge yourself on topics related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We hope this collection inspires you to explore these topics further.

Click on any of the tabs above to find information about the history, culture, individuals, events and challenges of various peoples.




Colorful overlapped circles with words identifying different aspects of identity

Intersectionality examines the ways in which experiences are compounded

by people's experience in multiple marginalized groups at once.

Watch the video below by Teaching for Justice.


Our collective understanding continues to evolve. If you have suggestions for further resources, please share your ideas with us by submitting this form.

For more information about Diversity and Inclusion events and activities at Carroll, contact Clyde Johnson


Curated by DEI Committee members and designed by CCC Library Circulation Staff.