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Contact Information

For immediate assistance during library operating hours, contact the reference desk at 410-386-8340 or You may also utilize our Chat Service or text us at 410-983-3542 (we will reply within 24 business hours if the library is closed when the message is sent).

Tag Line, Mission Statement, and Mission Goals

Promote critical thinkingEnhance the Experience. Build Community. 

Mission Statement

Carroll Community College Library provides instruction, tools, and resources to promote academic success and to strengthen the communities we serve.

Mission Goals

  1. Prepare students to think critically and provide tools and knowledge that promote the ethical consumption and use of information.  

  1. Become a campus information hub, offer support and guidance to instructors, and promote academic excellence. 

  1. Generate a welcoming environment that fosters a sense of belonging, inclusivity, empathy, and respect toward diverse ways of thinking.

  1. Maximize visibility and awareness of library services, resources, and programs. 

  1. Offer services and programs that are vital to the campus experience and promote the College’s role as an integral part of the Carroll County at large. 


Robert Krzanowski, Director of Library
Liaison for Health, Nursing, EMS, Physical Therapy Assistant, Education

Emily Hampton Haynes, Assistant Library Director and Head of Public Services
Liaison for English, Speech, Social Sciences

Liz Beere, Electronic Resources Librarian
Liaison for Business, Career, Computer Sciences, Mathematics

Fran Cincotta, Adjunct Librarian
Liaison for Music, Theater, Juvenile

Jeremy Green, Public Services Librarian
Liaison for Art, Humanities, Science

Jessica Pistorius, Adjunct Librarian

Circulation Staff

Please direct circulation questions to or 410-386-8330


Erin Cool, Library Aide

Debbie Crossett, Library Aide

Nancy Wolfinger, Library Services Specialist


Patti Brant, Library Technician

Administrative Support

Mary Beth Connor, Library Support Specialist