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Christiana Homeschool Academy - Research Tips: Fall 2023

General websites

These web resources on Ancient Rome and history can be accessed anywhere without needing a log-in. Most of the following include search functions by keyword.

9th Grade

Greek Family Life

Religion in Athens

Greek Art & Architecture

Greek Drama

The Peloponnesian War

Trojan War


The Good Life in Ancient Greece

Also try searching Eudaimonia

Ancient Olympics

11th Grade

Was it necessary for the Christian West to drive Muslims from Jerusalem? (i.e. were the Crusades necessary?)

Was the Inquisition advantageous to the Catholic Church?

Effects of the Reformation on the Church

Once saved, always saved

See also: eternal security, mortal sin, assurance, conditional preservation of the saints or conditional security

Joan of Arc

Are monarchies beneficial?

Divine right of kings

Martin Luther

Selected Resources

Was Hannibal a warmonger or was he a righteous man defending his country?

Information about the form(s) of government in the Roman Republic, Empire, Monarchy

Who was the greatest Roman emperor?

More Selected Resources

Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus

Information about the Fall of Rome

Additional Roman History Sources

Did Nero start the Great Fire of Rome?

Was Diocletian's division of the empire advantageous or disadvantageous?

Was assassinating Julius Caesar the right idea? Was it advantageous to Rome?