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HES-105-65 Exercise Science Profession Paper

APA citations

You will need to use APA style to properly cite your chosen sources within the text of your paper and on your References page. The college offers several resources designed to help you with this task, including:

          -APA Style Guide (templates, sample references, and in-text citation guidance)

          -Allied health APA Guide (similar to the general guide above, but targeted towards health resources)

          -APA Checklist (list of most common APA errors)

          -APA tutorial (hands-on demonstration of common APA issues)

Please remember that you must cite all sources when referencing them within your paper! Page 1 of the APA Style Guide describes how to do this for resources with and without a personal author. Be especially mindful of direct quotations, which require quotation marks around the cited passage and the page number you found the text (if available). As an example, see the direct quotation and corresponding APA reference entry below.


In-text citation

The study authors found that "yoga intervention has proven to be effective in enhancing self‑esteem, emotional regulation, and positive feelings among the students practicing yoga" (Janjhua et al., 2020, p. 3383).


References entry

Janjhua, Y., Chaudhary, R., Sharma, N. & Kumar, K. (2020). A study on effect of yoga on emotional 

          regulation, self-esteem, and feelings of adolescents. Journal of Family Medicine & Primary Care9(7),

          3381-3386. 10.4103/jfmpc.jfmpc_153_20



Web sites may either have a personal author, corporate, or government author, and the citation style for each situation differs slightly. Please see page 5 of our APA guides for specific templates for each situation.