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Praxis Core Research Skills Guide: Recognize Citation Elements

A guide to resources for students preparing to take the Praxis Core with a focus on Research Skills for the Writing Test

Praxis Study Guides

The descriptive information about the Core Academic Skills for Educators:  Writing section of the Praxis Core includes the expectation that students will be able to "recognize the different elements of a citation".

The sample questions & exercises in various Praxis study guides indicate that students should be able to:

  1. Look at a citation and recognize whether it is a citation for a book, journal article, magazine article, web site, etc.
  2. Cite their sources when paraphrasing or quoting in a short essay (name of author, name of article/book, name of publication, plus "other clear identifiers").

It is recommended that you cite sources within the body of the text by either:

  • Providing a signal phrase (According to . . .) that includes the author's name or
  • By writing the last name of the author in parentheses ( ) at the end of the sentence before the period.


Citing Tutorials

Citation Exercise

Possible Test Items

One study guide includes items relating to:

  1. The 2 standard citation formats for research papers in American schools (MLA & APA)
  2. Sources that do NOT need to be cited (such as dictionaries, etc.)
  3. The correct way to block quote
  4. Citing a source with 6 or more authors
  5. Which citation elements are in italics versus which elements are in quotation marks

It is recommended that you review both MLA & APA citation styles.