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Environmental Science: Citing Sources

How to Cite your work

Most science classes use  APA documentation. See the link below for more information on citing your sources.

Also, try the NoodleBib software for help in creating your bibliography. Remember to choose APA style. NoodleBib has a box where you can type your annotation for each citation.

Evaluating Sources

Choosing quality sources is an important part of research.  Use the link below to help you decide whether or not a source is reputable and provides accurate information that you can rely on for your project.  Remember that your final product will only be as good as the sources you use.  Choose carefully!

Documenting Sources

Research papers and essays require that you record the quotes, paraphrases, and sources used in your work.  View this tutorial to get an idea of the key elements to documenting and citing your resources.

APA Tutorial

Follow the link below to learn more about how to document your sources using the APA format.