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Chat Reference: Add Your Feedback/Comments


Log in to LibGuides and create a new box to add your comments. 

Liz - Comments

I played the role of the patron with Fran and on the patron side I didn't see anything in the box that would let me exit-- no little x button, nothing.  Also, and this may just be because of using LibGuides to test this out, if I clicked on a different tab in the guide then went back to the patron tab, I lost my chat.


Fran - 12-15-14

I tested the texting feature - works fine, though there is a long-ish lag between sending and receiving.  We should be aware of that when answering text questions.  It's easy to tell if an incoming message is through text.

I've changed the message tone. We had several choices, so if you don't like the one I picked, we can try something else.

We can have a script library (they call them "canned respones.")  I've put in a couple already, but we can add more. To create them, select the Messages tab on the web client page, and click the + sign.

 Unlike AUN, there isn't a separate window to choose a script.  When you start typing a reponse, you will see a pop-up of any scripts that begin with the same word.  Then you click on the pop-up and it will appear in the message box.  You can add to it or hit send.

I also changed the look of the chat box and personalized it for us.  There is a ton of other personalization we can do,  like add a customer service survey, the school logo, etc.  Honestly, most of it is beyond my tech abilities!



Fran - 1/22/15

Today's observations:

  • send files and links to patrons worked - patron received quickly
  • transcripts don't arrive quickly - we've been waiting more than 15 minutes and nothing so far.
  • since there's no "quit" button on the patron side (BTW, ZOHO doesn't have one, either), we might want to get in the habit of using the "canned messages" in our account. There's a Thank You For Using....message.  Unlike AUN, there's no script button - just start typing and if there's a canned message with the same starting words, it will appear above the input box - click and it fills in automatically.