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Chemistry Research Guide: Tips for CHEM 105 Signature Assignment

Assignment and Requirements


  1. 15 minute Power Point presentation on this topic
  2. Summary research report (5-6 pages, list of references according to APA format)
  3. Sources for report: 4 minimum, of which 2 should be articles from databases, books, ebooks, or other library specific sources. The other two can be from any type of source.

Some Potential Topics:

  • New electrolytes for lithium batteries
  • Measuring the mass of "superheavy" elements
  • Polyester made from coal
  • Naica's Cave of Crystals
  • The many "discoveries" of Promethium
  • Food preservation
  • Essential elements for humans
  • The chemistry of cars
  • The chemistry of non-fossil fuel power
  • Other topics, as discussed with the instructor

Starting Places and Reference Sources

Searching for Articles from the Database

Books, Ebooks, and Searching by Subject

Subject Headings to Search:

  • Automobiles materials
  • Automobiles origin and construction
  • Chemical engineering
  • Food composition
  • Food preservation
  • Fuel
  • Materials science
  • Nutrition
  • Renewable energy sources