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Completion Initiative: Meta Majors

Meta-majors by any other name...

The term "meta-majors" has not yet made its way into the professional literature.  The following related terms appear more frequently and refer to all or many aspects of the definition of meta-majors as it is presented by Complete College America:

A set of broad content areas that students choose upon enrollment at a postsecondary
institution. A meta-major includes a set of courses that meet academic requirements that are common across
several disciplines and specific programs of study. Enrollment and completion of meta-major courses guide
students through initial academic requirements and into programs of study
  • student cohort enrollment
  • academic pathways/guided pathways/degree maps/academic map
  • academy-based education/career academy
  • GPS - "guided pathways to success"
  • community(ies) of interest

Another related concept has been around for decades but has recently been updated and is being applied around the country:  learning communities.  This differs from Carroll's "academic communities" in that it is a strategy involving first-year student cohorts who take a cluster of classes together.  Maryland's own CCBC is part of MDRC/NCPR's Learning Communities Demonstration project.

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