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Copyright at Carroll Community College

This guide will provide information on the College's copyright policy, procedures, and links to additional information.

Fair Use of video

In general for all formats including video, use no more of the original than is required to meet your learning objectives.  In some cases, use of the complete film may be considered fair use if it is required to meet the learning objectives.

The following are general guidelines with regard to use of copyrighted video/film materials for instruction:

  • Faculty may show legal copies of films owned or licensed by the Library, faculty member, or College in the classroom without permission or restrictions if viewing occurs during face-to-face instruction.
  • If the use of the film is transformative (as it often is for education, research, or commentary) and the amount used is appropriate to achieve the learning objectives, it is fair use to digitize the film and provide access via Canvas username and password authentication to students enrolled in a given course.
  • Work with Librarians to determine if a licensed streamed version of a film is currently available or available for purchase.  Librarians can assist with identifying the persistent link for streamed media already in the Library's collection.
  • Digitized copies must be made from legally purchased or licensed originals.  For example, legal copies of films owned by the Library or faculty member. Complete a video request form to have Library owned video streamed from your Canvas course site.
  • Note that learning objective justification must be included on requests for digitizing films.  Faculty need to identify specifically how the film or portions of the film will be used to achieve learning objectives.
  • Note that films appearing on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites may be unauthorized and, therefore, may not be reliable or legal.
  • If the full film is not required, limit the copying of films to just those scenes needed to achieve the learning objectives.  Media Office staff can assist in editing films.
  • Limit access to enrolled students/faculty in the class as authenticated by a Canvas username and password.
  • If possible, use open-access materials such as those identified with Creative Commons licensing.
  • Terminate access at the end of each semester.