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English 102 (Writing About Literature) Research Guide: Common Assignment tips (Fall 2023)

Use this guide to find articles about authors and their works! We also have tips for citing sources in MLA style.

General resources

This guide is a collection of useful sources for researching both the historical context and literary analysis portions of your paper.

The Assignment
Choose a work of protest literature (a poem or short story), and describe how the writer conveys the lived experience or condition of a marginalized group. Use researched background information to support your analysis of the text, but focus on the literary elements and techniques the writer uses.

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Suggested ebooks for historical context

Tip: Click the ebook title or cover art to read the book. (You may need to log in using your Carroll credentials to get in.)

Resources for literary analysis

Cristina Henriquez

Resources for "Everything is Far from Here"

Keyword ideas: immigration, family separation, sexual abuse of migrants, immigration detention facilities

Helpful Resources

Blas Manuel De Luna

Resources for "Bent to the Earth"

Keyword ideas:

Helpful Resources