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Explore Disabilities: Activism


Temple Grandin is one of the world's most iconic scientists. Her accomplishments are legion, but her greatest impact might be as one of the most prominent adults with autism. The condition has given Grandin unique insights, orienting her work on animals and allowing her to rethink human nature. Her most recent book, "The Autistic Brain," presents the latest physiological research and charts the shift from neurological to genetic approaches to the condition.


Black woman with social media platforms listed under her photographic portrait.

You should be following more disability activists. Diversify your social feeds and follow some of these activists, educators, and influencers.



John Hendrickson stutters. In this video, Hendrickson explores the obstacles and emotional burden of his condition and explains the coping strategies and workarounds he has devised to make it through the day in a world that demands that we speak clearly.

The film suggests that the problem may lie not with people who stutter but with a society that is largely unprepared or disinclined to listen.


Disability is far more common and far more diverse than we might realize. But often, people are reluctant to reveal their disabilities, and managers don’t know how to address them. In this episode, Adam investigates some extraordinary steps workplaces are taking to support people with disabilities – and those without.