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Geography Research Guide: Global Issues in Regional Geography

A guide to resources for geography

Global Issues Paper

The Assignment:

  • Analyze a world scale problem from a regional perspective
  • Analyze include economic, political, cultural, social, environmental, and population distribution dynamics across regions
  • Illustrate how internal & external influences promote and inhibit human action
  1. Determine a minimum of 3 viable issues involving your region.  Explain why each is an issue for your region.
  2. Research & construct an Annotated Bibliography with at least 10 sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, open access journal articles, books or ebooks, and reliable websites, including appropriate government/local information).  Explain why you selected each source and how it will assist you.
    • 8 of the sources must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.
  3. Write a research paper on the problem in APA style with proper citations.
  4. Make an oral presentation to the class on your research.

Recommended resources

Recommended ebooks

Other resources

Annotated Bibliography

Subject Headings

Ideas for words to search (along with the name of your region or countries within it):

  • climatic changes
  • comparative government
  • culture
  • cultural geography
  • economic conditions
  • economic development
  • economic forecasting
  • economics
  • geopolitics
  • globalization
  • human ecology
  • human geography
  • international relations
  • political geography
  • regionalism
  • social change
  • social conditions
  • social ecology
  • social movements
  • social structure
  • world politics