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Explore Native American Heritage: Activism


Child's moccasins


Coffin and mourners at a funeral graveside



Bristol Museum repatriates a coat back to Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute#greenscreen #GreenScreenTile

♬ original sound - IndigenousLibrarian


Indigenous protest, man holding sign that says We Stand Together


Three Lenape Women on Manhattan Island


Group of people protesting the Washington Redskins team name

Professional sports teams are reevaluating their team names and mascots as Native communities speak up for respect. 

  • Washington Football Club rebrands itself to eliminate the Indian head logo and the name Native American advocates have called a racial slur.
  • Cleveland Guardians baseball franchise eliminates the name "Indians" and retires their mascot.
  • Kansas City Chiefs choose to educate and honor Native heritage and keep their name.


Who owns the "wilderness?"
Elyse Cox details the delicate balancing act of creating a national park from lands traditionally belonging to Native Americans.