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PELT College Writing: Problem/Solution Essay

Resources on College Writing for PELT students.

Problem Solution: Recommended databases

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Use the Book & Media Catalog to find print books and e-books.

Some tips:

  • Use one or two main words to find your topic.
  • When you've found a book, click AVAILABILITY to see where the book is located.
  • To read e-books off-campus, you'll need your 7 digit college ID.
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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Here's a video tutorial for using Opposing Viewpoints in Context:

Problem/Solution essay

Opioid overdoses

  • Opioid overdoses
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • "Big pharma" (a popular term among critics of the pharmaceutical industry)
  • Overdose prevention
  • Harm reduction
    • Syringe or needle exchange
    • Naloxone or Narcan
  • Pain management

Tip: Consider adding a second search term if you want to narrow your focus.

Suggested articles:

Child labor

Tip: "Child labor" is a good search to start with. Here's some ways you could narrow your search:

  • A particular industry, such as fashion/garment industry, coffee, mining
  • A particular country
  • If you don't have a country in mind yet, use "child labor" and international

Other terms and industries to consider:

  • working children
  • forced labor
  • children's rights
  • cobalt mining
  • garment industry (also, "fast fashion")
  • pornography

Solutions you could explore:

  • Awareness-raising (documentaries, photojournalism, etc.)
  • Consumer boycotts
  • Trade unions
  • International regulation
  • Child labor laws
  • Access to education

Suggested articles:

Community cooperation with policing

  • Community policing
  • Police community relationship
  • Public trust
  • Community engagement
  • Police reform or police accountability
  • Residence requirements
  • Police protection

Tip: Use Advanced search to search two terms or phrases at once. For example: police or law enforcement AND public trust

Suggested articles: