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Psychology Research Guide: Social Psych - Social/Political Analysis

A guide to resources for psychology


Study a specific social or political situation

  • Provide history and background of the case study
  • Draw on research and data
  • Provide detailed information
  • Present an analysis of the social psychological dynamics
  • Provide recommendations for avoiding similar problems in the future

Additional databases

Recommended Sources

Under the Reference Resources Tab

OneSearch (link in box on the left)

  • Search this discovery tool to find a variety of full text sources (books, ebooks, reference articles, periodical articles).
    • It does not search all of the library's databases
  • The number of results can be overwhelming--use the limiters and Advanced Search to narrow the search--search by subject
  • Also try searching subject specific databases (psychology, military & government)

Under the Find Books Tab

  • Search the catalog by subject using the Suggested Search Terms on the right
  • If you don't find anything, broaden your search more--you are searching fewer words in the catalog
    • You might only find a book with a chapter on your topic rather than a whole book about your topic
  • Search the Hoover Library catalog at McDaniel College--we get a delivery everyday

Under the Find Articles Tab

  • Select a database depending on your topic
    • Psychology databases
    • Academic Search Premier (multidisciplinary database for all topics)
  • See additional databases of interest in the box to the left
    • Military & Government Collection
    • History Reference Center
    • Opposing Viewpoints & CQ Researcher (major issues of the day)
  • Use the Advanced Search and search by subject with suggested search terms

For Statistics

Suggested Search Terms (subject headings)

  • Abu Ghraib Prison
    • Hint:  use Abu Ghraib as a keyword and add prisoners and torture as subjects
    • or also try abuse as a subject
  • Prisoners--abuse of
  • Torture
  • Prisons
  • Prisoners of war
  • Prisoners--crimes against
  • Human rights
  • Muslims
  • Buddhists
  • Rohingyas
  • Ethnic conflict
  • Violence--religious aspects
  • United States
  • International relations
  • Diplomacy
  • International security
  • Propaganda
  • Public opinion
  • Phyllis Schlafly
  • Equal Rights Amendments
  • Equal rights
  • Feminism
  • Conservatism
  • Women conservatives
  • Women's rights
  • Anti-discrimination laws
  • False news (not fake)
  • Urban folklore
  • Legends
  • Reality television programs