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Evaluating Apps for Tablet Devices: Home

Why evaluate?

Why Evaluate?

  • Apps are a mixed bag-some are fantastic, some are marginal, some are useless.  Having a set of criteria to judge apps makes the selection and purchasing process easier.

  • You have a limited amount of funds and many options. 

  • It helps the user consider how they are going to use the app. 

How to Evaluate: What to look for in an app

  • Use the rubric to help determine whether an app will be an effective acquisition.

  • Complete the app evaluation form to help decide whether an app will assist learning outcomes or professional development.

  • Remember learning outcomes, Bloom’s taxonomy. 

Rubrics and Checklists

Where to Find and Purchase Apps

Multidevice Apps (Apple, Google, and Microsoft): Note-revies and lists apps, but does not sell them.



Dell Mobile App Store

Facebook App Center

GetJar Advertised as world's largest free app store




Apple Apps:

Apple App Store

Google Apps:

AppsLib For Android Apps.

Google Play Mall

Microsoft Apps:

Windows Store

Additional resources for evaluating apps

Resources for Assessment:

iPad App Evaluation for the Classroom

iPad Institute Through the University of Delaware’s School of Education.

Ways to Evaluate Educational Apps From Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand blog.  A whole wealth of checklists, suggested rubrics, etc.

App Recommendations:

100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen by You: From Edudemic.

Must Have Apps for Education, Productivity, and Entertainment: From ISTE.

Top Mobile Apps in Higher Education: via Slideshare from Courtney Mlinar, HPD Library, Nova Southeastern University.

Useful iPad or iPhone Apps in Higher Education: From SUNY Onteonta


Bloomin’ Apps Using Bloom’s taxonomy to categorize/use apps.

iPads in the Classroom From Educator Kathy Schrock, directed at K-12 but applicable for a community college as well.

Mobile Learning at Northeastern University News on tablet/mobile apps in higher education.  Includes reviews of apps.

Student Information Literacy in the Mobile Environment Not specific to tablets, but worth a look.

Using iPads in Instruction From Dowling College, mainly for iPad, some other devices as well.