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English 101 (College Writing) Research Guide: Keyes Argument Essay

Search tips

Search terms to consider

Tip: Switch from "basic search" to "advanced search" in any database to search more than one term at once.

  • freedom of speech
  • free speech

You could also try using different aspects of the topic, such as:

  • social media
  • college campus

Search tips

  • Search with keywords, not sentences:
    • Full sentence: Should we be worried that all of these Internet-connected devices in our homes may be spying on us?
    • Major concepts: "internet of things" and privacy
    • Be flexible about search terms. Think of synonyms and related terms you can try if your initial search strategy doesn't produce the results you want. You may need to use different terms for different databases.
  • The types of sources you find will depend on the databases you search:
    • For research studies try Academic Search Premier.
      • For proof that a certain solution works (such as a do-not-track law), look for "case studies."
    • For opinion pieces and sources arranged by subject, try Opposing Viewpoints.
    • For articles written for a general audience, check out ProQuest Newspapers.
      • For evidence that corporations can't keep user data safe, look for news stories about data breaches and leaks.
    • For in-depth reports on controversial topics try CQ Researcher.
    • For background information on topics, Gale eBooks is a great place to start.
  • Tip: Research is a trial and error process, and librarians are happy to help you brainstorm or find articles! Chat with us during library hours, or Email anytime.

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