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CCPS Faculty Information Guide

APA/MLA Resources

The library offers many resources to assist students with their MLA and APA citations, including:


We also offer a citation check service for students, both in-person and virtually. Students can email final drafts of their citations to, and a CCC librarian will make comments where corrections are needed and send it back to the student within 24 business hours. Librarians will not check papers with any of the following characteristics:

  • Little to no formatting of citations (italics, quotation marks, etc.)
  • Missing information (e.g., forwarding a series of links, not referencing journals within article citations)
  • Hyperlinks with no additional bibliographic information
  • Unprofessional appearance (inconsistent font sizes and types)
  • Citations copied and pasted from external sources

Please consult the library's Citing & Evaluating page for more information and resources.

Citation Check Policy: Dos and Don'ts

green check mark indicating "do"


red X indicating "don't"


  • Send your paper as a Microsoft Word attachment
  • Send us your final draft
  • Check the APA/MLA style guides for sample citations
  • Use the style guides to correct auto-generated citations from databases or the web
  • Use NoodleBib to create & organize your citations
  • Don't send a link to your paper - we can't open those!
  • Don't submit a paper that is just a list of links
  • Don't send auto-generated citations without checking them yourself first
  • Don't panic - if you're stuck, we can help!