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Philosophy: PHIL 115 World Religions

Online Catalog

Search the online catalog to find books, e-books, and other sources on religion. To access e-books, click on the link that says Online access. You may need your full Carroll CC email address and password to get into these off-campus.

Search hints:

It is not uncommon when researching religious topics to find variations in spelling for the same term (ex. Taoism vs. Daoism) so be sure to try multiple spellings if you are having trouble finding information.

For any given religion there will be a variety of related search terms, so be sure to try out multiple search stragegies. (ex. When researching Judaism you could also search on: Jews, Jewish philosophy, Bible O.T., Torah.)

The * symbol added to a search term will turn it into a root and produce broader search results. (ex. A search on Catholic* would return search results for all of these terms: Catholic, Catholics, Catholicism.)

Get Prepared for Your Presentation - Word Pronunciation

Concerned that you may have problems pronouncing some of the words associated with the religion you will be presenting to the class?  Try the following online dictionary, which includes sound files so that you can hear the words being spoken.

Reference Sources

The following list represents a sampling of the religious reference books in the library's collection.

Encyclopedia of Religion
Ref BL 31 E46

Religions of the World
Ref BL 80.3 R45

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Ref BP 40 E525

The Buddhist Handbook
Ref BQ 4012 S64

Encyclopaedia of Judaism
Ref BM 50 E634

A People's History of Christianity
Ref BR 195 C5 P46

The Harper Collins Encyclopedia of Catholicism
Ref BX 841 H37

Suggested Databases

You may need your full Carroll CC email address and password to get into these off-campus.