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Economics Research Guide: Product/Service/Industry Analysis

A guide to resources for economics

Research Paper: Product/Service Analysis & Industry Analysis

In this library, the best place to start is to search a company in Hoover's Business Profiles under the Find Articles tab above. 

  • Hoover's provides:  the NAICS/SIC code, competitive landscape (competitors), comparative financials, history, etc.

You will find the most information about publicly traded companies.  Its is difficult to find a wealth of information about private companies.

Also search Business Source Premier under the Find Articles tab to find current articles about a company, product or service, or industry. 

  • At the top of the search screen, see Company Profiles. 
  • In the Advanced Search, use the drop down menu next to the search window to limit the search to a specific company--then add an additional search term if you wish.

The Wall Street Journal covers major industry developments.  Search it in Proquest Newspapers under Find Articles - News Databases to find company and industry news.

If you are interested in a specific industry and have not yet identified companies or you need additional industry information, try these online encyclopedias:

Finding Books

Search the catalog under the Find Books tab above.

Possible subject headings:

  • industries
  • industries -- United States
  • industries -- classification
  • industries -- directories
  • industry statistics

Or search for a specific industry or company:

  • pharmaceutical industry
  • Apple Computer, Inc.

Industry & Company Sources

The company website should provide the current annual report and more. 

Industry Codes

Products/Services Sources