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Economics Research Guide: Biographies of Economists

A guide to resources for economics

Reference Sources

Use these resources to identify famous economists and find biographical information.

For Mr. Roman's class, choose one of the following economists:

  • Adam Smith
  • David Ricardo
  • William Jevons
  • Alfred Marshall
  • John Maynard Keynes
  • Friedrich von Hayek
  • Milton Friedman
  • Robert Lucas

Finding Books About Individual Economists

If you have already identified a specific economist, search by name in the library catalog under the Find Books tab above.

If the college library has no books about the person, broaden the search to Carroll Library Partnership (use the drop down menu on the top right) to search the catalogs of the local publics libraries and McDaniel College. 

"Request" a book to have it sent to your local library or to Carroll.

The catalog includes electronic books on the following economists and print sources on those and others:

  • Milton Friedman
  • Friedrich Hayek
  • Adam Smith

Finding Articles

Use the General & Business databases under the Find Articles tab to find articles about an economist.

If you only want biographical information, include the word "biography" in the search along with the name.

Books & E-Books About Economists

Selected books & e-books for identifying an economist: