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Explore Body Liberation: Dig Deeper


Photo of Christy Harrison with written words "Food Psych"

Food Psych Podcast: Nutritionist Christy Harrison talks about making peace with food, healing from disordered eating, (re)learning intuitive eating, challenging harmful beliefs about wellness, and more—all from a body-positive, anti-diet perspective.  Helping you make peace with food and break free from diet culture.


Laughing woman with bold text superimposed on photo


Words "The Body Project" over collage of photographic bodies

The Body Project was developed by the Women’s Studies Program of Bradley University in cooperation with the University’s Center for Wellness and Department of Sociology. It is a resource for women and men of all ages to increase awareness and acceptance of the human body in all its shapes and sizes.



Woman sitting on bench in fitness center

Fitness without Shame: A Resolution Backed by Science 
A new study reveals how motivations for exercise influence health and fitness.

The article, NCAA and Body Shaming Regulations, brings to light the frequency of body shaming in collegiate female sports and the duty of the NCAA to help regulate its occurrence and deter its long term disastrous effects on athletes.