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Explore Immigration: Arts & Culture


The Legalities of Being - Yosimar Reyes

"There is a trend of folks writing about us, [...] wanting us to come out of the shadows, wanting us to feel empowered. But for some reason I cannot seem to get past the fact that we're still not addressing our emotional well-being, not as undocumented people, but as migrants, displaced people, folks whose hearts have been broken by America's lies."

This spoken-word piece is accompanied by hand-drawn illustrations.


Quote from a poem by Yosimar Reyes (linked below)

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Political cartoon by artist Alcaraz, urging "Vaccine or Death"


Art by Julio Salgado - man with butterfly wings


Artist Johanna Toruno at work


Refugee - Abdullah Kasem Al Yatim

To read the rest of the poem by 12 year old Syrin refugee Abdullah, click here.


Refugees are welcome here sign being held at a 2017 protest