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Women's Health Project


Welcome to the Women's Health Assignment research guide! This guide was created by the health sciences librarian, Robert Krzanowski, and is designed to help you find and properly cite high-quality resources for your assignments. Please browse the links to the left to find journal articles, web sites, and APA guidance for your Women's Health Project. If you need additional assistance with research or citations, feel free to contact me directly at or 410-386-8337. You can also stop by the library (circulation desk pictured above) during our normal operating hours. Good luck this semester!

Assignment research requirements

Find TWO sources (from a peer-reviewed journal, book, eBook, or website) from reputable sources that discuss changing the behavior you have identified. See the SIFT Method handout and the library’s CRAAP Test for information on identifying if a source is reliable and appropriate for this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 7 years. Sources published prior to 2016 will not be accepted.

  • You must use two different sources.
  • Summarize each source separately with facts that support changing the behavior you selected. Include any statistics, tips, or strategies from the source about the health benefits of changing your chosen behavior.
  • Use in-text citations and cite your sources in a reference section at the end of this assignment. All citations must be in 7th edition APA format. Visit the library research module in Canvas for more information.