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Explore Women's History: Activism


Greta Thunberg, Swedish environmental activist, has worked to address the problem of climate change.


Infographic of Gen Z opinions on menstruation

Gen Z is a more open and vocal regarding menstruation then previous generations. On a mission to educate and find alternative products Menstruation gets a Gen Z makeover.


Judge Emanuella Groves of the Eighth District Court of Appeals in Ohio


Image of UCF Associate Professor M.C. Santana sitting with the text "is it finally time to pass the equal rights amendment" to her right

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first proposed almost a century ago. Is it finally time to pass the Equal Rights Amendment? 


Olympic Rings modified with male, female symbols

The WNBA appears to be the first women’s professional league in the U.S. to guarantee fully paid maternity leave to players. 

Republican legislatures are trying to ban transgender athletes from women’s sports.

Roger Federer's call for merger of men's, women's pro tours gains wide support among tennis stars.


Afghani women protesting

The Taliban have begun cracking down harder as women insist on their rights. While threatened and beaten, Afghan women defy Taliban with protests, as Western governments call for reforms.


Woman holding up hand painted red

Femicide is the killing of a female, or perceived female person, on the basis of gender identity, whether committed within a domestic relationship, interpersonal relationship, or by any other person or government.

Both the World Health Organization and the United Nations have efforts underway to end femicide.