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Explore Women's History: Arts & Culture


Amanda Gorman, became the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history. She is an award winning writer and in was named National Youth Poet Laureate in 2017. Gorman also performed with singer-songwriter MILCK during the annual Day of Racial Healing in January.  


Still I Rise Music Adaption

Maya Angelou, shortly before her passing in 2015, collaborated with music producer Shawn Rivera on the album Caged Bird Songs, which sets her works, such as Still I Rise, to hip hop music. 



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The Equal Hub

In 2021 Spotify released the Equal Hub to amplify women artists year round. Spotify has compiled playlists from a vast array of women musicians. Explore by genre, country, or mood from both modern artists and icons of the past with playlists for any music taste by clicking the logo below.

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Black and white photo portrait of Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver's Poetry

Pulitzer-prize winning Mary Oliver’s poetry is known for its simple imagery of quiet reflection, inspired by the natural world. Read a short biography and listen to Mary recite her poem, Wild Geese. Mary reads one of her most beloved poems, The Summer Day.