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We have over 35,000 print books in the library available for checkout! To check out a book, simply take your items and student ID to the circulation desk. Most items circulate for 3 weeks at a time, with up to 10 renewals permitted as long as nobody else places a hold on the item. See our Library Policies page for more information. You can search for books and audiovisual materials through the Books & Media Catalog. View our catalog tutorial below to learn more about this resource! You may also wish to browse our Ebook collections, as we have over 200,000 in the collection!

Library of Congress Classification System

Most books in the library are classified according to the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System, which divides all academic subjects into 21 categories using letters and numbers. LC call numbers always start with a letter (or letters) and number indicating the general subject. The call number below comes from the CCC title Poland 1939: the outbreak of World War II by Roger Moorhouse. The D refers to the general class World History. The 765 refers to the section World War II--Poland--General Works. The next line in a call number usually represents the author's last name (in this case, Moorhouse), and the last line is the year.

D       World history
765     WWII--Poland--General Works
M63     Author (Moorhouse)
2020    Year                                                                          

Library of Congress Main Classes

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