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You are NOT required to create APA or MLA citations for this assignment. However, you do need to submit the title, author, and URL (if these are available) for any sources you use and briefly cite them within the paper. For example, if I was citing this article about ELL college preparation, I would create a "citation" that read:

Robertson and Lafond, Getting Ready for College,

For my in-text citation, I would just write (Robertson and Lafond) in the sentence I was using the article's information (for example, "English language learners need to carefully review the differences between 2-year and 4-year colleges (Robertson and Lafond)." If the source does not have an author, which is common in web sources, simply include the article title instead of author(s).


For print sources, just submit the author and title; for electronic sources without an author, just submit the page title and URL.

Other Citation Sources

For more guidance on APA or MLA citations, please consult the sources on our Citing & Evaluating page. Reference librarians will review your APA citations at the reference desk or via e-mail! Simply print out a copy of your citations and bring them to the reference desk, or e-mail them as a Word attachment to (turnaround time of 1 business day). We are here to help!