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You should search library databases when trying to find sources for your articles. Library databases offer free full-text access to thousands of journals, magazines, and newspapers (all of which are called periodicals), so get your money's worth and take resources from them! Here are some suggestions to help you get started with your research:

1. Use limiters! Limiters are features to help you "limit" a search by certain criteria, such as date or subject. EBSCO databases offer date limiters on the main search page, as shown below:

Limiters on EBSCO's main search screen


Full-text and date limiters can help you eliminate old, unhelpful, and irrelevant results. Always include a date limiter at a minimum.

2. Use subject headings! Subject headings return results about a specific subject, while general keyword searches (what you do in Google) only return results that happen to contain those keywords. Subject headings can be found on the search results screen in EBSCO databases, as shown below:

Location of EBSCO subject headings on search results screen


3. Limit your searches to the databases listed below, which are most likely to contain helpful sources for this assignment: