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Art Research Guide: Getting Started

Basic resources for art courses

Getting Started

The big picture.... (There is a separate tab with suggestions and links for each of the tour types of resources listed below.)

  • Depending on your assignment, librarians often recommend using reference tools to get some helpful background on your topic which can also help you focus and and narrow your topic.  These may be electronic or print resources.

  • You may also want to use the book and media catalog to find books that circulate (can be checked out).

  • Quality, reputable  web sites can also provide you with good information. 

  • You may also want to look for articles in periodicals which may have specific or current information on your topic.


Need Help Selecting a Topic?

If you have a research assignment with a topic of your choice, the following print and electronic resources may be useful for browsing for ideas.  You may also want to see if there is a circulating book on your artist or topic in the library. That can be an indication that your artist/subject is well-known and you will be able to find reputable information.


FOLIO N 5300 A69513 1998    Art: A World History

REF N 5300 G25 2020 & FOLIO N 5300 G25 2016    Gardner's Art Through

                                                                                           the Ages

FOLIO N5300 H68 1999          The Visual Arts: A History

FOLIO N5300 K292 2002         Art Beyond the West

FOLIO N5300 O946 2000        The Oxford History of Western Art

FOLIO N5310 W48 2003          Prehistoric Art: The Symbolic Journey

                                                       of Humankind

FOLIO N5330 A68 2003            Art of the First Cities

FOLIO N6490 A713 2010          History of Modern Art

FOLIO N6490 D415 2002          Art in the Modern Era: Styles, Schools,


FOLIO N6490 I26 1997               Icons of Art: The 20th Century

FOLIO N6490 L77813 1995       ARTODAY

FOLIO N6490 W444 1992          Art Since Mid-Century: 1945 to the Present



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