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Theatre, Entertainment Technology, and Acting Research Guide: Reference Resources

Provides information resources on theatre and film history, acting, costume, and more.

E-Reference Resources

Some e-reference resources require you to enter your CCC login to access them if you're off-campus.

Theatre Print Reference Resources

Reference Books:

REF PN 2035 G73 2003   The Ivan R. Dee Guide to Plays and Playwrights

REF PN 2035 O94 2003   The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance

REF PN 2035 W485 2000   Who's Who In Contemporary World Theatre

REF PN 2080 H66 2007   The Ultimate Scene & Monologue Sourcebook

REF PN 2091 E4 B66 2003   Encyclopedia of Stage Lighting

REF PN 2220 B6 2004   The Oxford Companion to American Theatre

REF PN 2221 C37 2007   The Cambridge Guide to American Theatre

REF PN 2256 B6 1994   American Theatre:  A Chronicle of Comedy and Drama, 1869-1914

REF PN 2270 A35 A46 2001   African American Performance and Theatre History

REF PN 2277 N5 H57 2000   American Theatre - A Chronicle of Comedy and Drama 1969-2000

REF PN 2581 C36 2004   The Cambridge History of British Theatre

Musical Theatre and Film Print Reference Sources

Reference Books:  

REF ML 102 M88 G3  2001              The Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre

REF ML 102 M88 H593                    The Oxford Companion to the American

                                                         Musical Theatre, Film, and Television 

REF ML 102 M88 S74 2006              Broadway Musicals 1943 - 2004

REF ML 1711 B67                             American Musical Theatre