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Early Childhood Education Research Guide: Technology in Early Childhood Classroom

A guide to resources for early childhood education and child development

The Assignment


  • Become aware of the purposes for and uses of technology in the Early Childhood classroom
  • Broaden your knowledge of technology use in pre-k to grade three classrooms
  • Develop personal skills for technology uses in the classroom
  • Examine the pros and cons of technology use in  Early Childhood
  • Reflect on the impact of technology on your career

Literature review assignment

  • Search for online and print material for current readings on technology in the Early Childhood classroom
  • Select 5 resources
  • Write a brief summary/reflection of each

Possible search terms from CCPS technology presentation

  • technology
  • cutting edge technology
  • instructional technology
  • computer labs
  • mobile lab carts
  • mobile labs
  • mobile carts
  • hardware
  • software
  • elementary schools
  • netbooks (mini laptops)
  • tablets
  • wifi
  • databases
  • Tumblebooks (ebooks)
  • curriculum
  • math assessment
  • science
  • social studies
  • motivating
  • standards
  • videos
  • streaming videos
  • interactive flip charts
  • active table
  • flip charts
  • interactive white board
  • poll (polling)
  • active expression
  • document camera
  • planar monitor
  • video conferencing system (Tandberg)
  • promethian active panels
  • acceptable use policies
  • apps
  • YouTube channel
  • blogs
  • QR codes

Education databases

Suggested search terms

The key to finding useful information is a good search strategy.  The words that are used in the search directly determine how relevant the results will be.

Subject headings are the most powerful search terms because they result in a list of books or articles completely about a topic.  Searching by keyword results in a list of books or articles that may be completely about the topic, but also that simply mention the topic.

Create searches using the following subject headings in the education research databases.  Subject headings are always good search terms.

Subject headings for this assignment:

  • education
  • education policy
  • lesson planning
  • special education
  • disabled children
  • teaching
  • teachers
  • technology
  • educational technology
  • instructional design
  • computer-assisted instruction
  • computer-aided instruction
  • interactive computer systems
  • teaching aids & devices
  • data bases
  • online data bases
  • online information services
  • internet in education
  • information technology
  • online instruction
  • teaching methods
  • educational software
  • technology adoption
  • technological change
  • software
  • hardware
  • multimedia computer applications
  • interactive learning
  • interactive media
  • computer & video games
  • computer literacy
  • smartphones
  • cellular telephones
  • digital cameras
  • digital imaging
  • digital audio players
  • streaming media
  • video recordings
  • digital video
  • webcasting
  • video teleconferencing
  • video conferencing
  • weblogs
  • teaching aids & devices
  • computers
  • personal computers
  • portable computers
  • wireless networks
  • video recordings
  • schools
  • elementary schools
  • elementary school students
  • elementary education
  • elementary level
  • child, preschool
  • preschool education
  • preschool children
  • early childhood education
  • kindergarten students
  • kindergarten teachers
  • preschool teachers
  • student attitudes
  • innovations
  • perceptions
  • mathematics education

Psychology databases

Find Books & Ebooks

Use the catalog under Find Books above to find books & ebooks on technology in the classroom.

Construct searches using combinations of terms from the list of subject headings in the column to the left.


  • technology and education
  • technology and preschool
  • technology and elementary

The catalog assumes the word "and" between terms entered in the search window.  To search a phrase, surround the terms with quotation marks.

You may need to search more broadly in the catalog than in research databases to find a book that might have a chapter on your topic.

Selected books:


Finding articles in Research Databases

Use the subject headings in the box on the left to construct searches in the education and/or psychology research databases.

Use the Advanced Search and search each term as a subject if possible.

Be careful about stringing words together in phrases.  Search only with very commonly used phrases or phrases used as subject headings.

If you are unable to find the information you seek with subject searching, try searching one concept as a subject.  Articles in the results list will be completely about that topic.  Narrow the search further by using another concept as a keyword.

In an education database, there is no need to use "education" as a search term--its understood.  Do use terms that will limit the results to the population of students or school setting that you are interested in (preschool, elementary, early childhood).