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English 101 (College Writing) Research Guide: Horace Bearzi ENGL 101

Library Research Assignment: Video Clips #1

Library Research Assignment #2

To identify the different types of dictionaries in the library, search the library catalog by subject for the word dictionaries.  This word appears in the subject headings if the title is a dictionary.

Library Research Assignment #3

To discover the difference beween a professional journal and a reference book, review the online tutorials below:

Library Research Assignment #4 & #5

To find works written by a person, search the online catalog by author.

Each item in the catalog has a record.  The records for many collections of poetry and other anthologies include a list of the works that are included in those books. 

To find a poem, do a keyword search
You could also add the poet's name to the search

Primary and Secondary Sources

News Databases

Select one of the many newspaper databases the CCC Library has access to.  ProQuest Newspapers covers recent articles from 5 newspapers: The Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Christian Science Monitor.  For a historical perspective on topics, use ProQuest Historical Newspapers:  New York Times,  or  Baltimore Sun.   There is also a link to a tutorial on using the historical databases.

News Databases

Essay: The meaning of the word "science"

The assignment:

  • Explore the meaning (s) of the word "science"

Suggested sources:

Check out these websites:

Books on Reserve

Library Research Assignment: Research Material - Videos

NoodleBib - citation management tool

Pro/Con Databases for choosing a social problem

These databases link to articles, news reports, viewpoints, and statistics on a variety of current issues from a several contrasting viewpoints.

Sources for choosing a social problem

The following print and electronic resources are a great place to start your research on a social problem.  You can find the print resources on the main level of the library, by call number.  You can click on the links to access electronic resources.  If you're using library resources off-campus, you'll need to log-in using your Carroll info.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

The library purchases authoritative Reference ebooks in all subject areas for the Gale Virtual Reference Library collection.

These ebooks are available 24/7 to Carroll students. If you're accessing library resources from home, you'll need to log-in using your Carroll info.

These books can be identifed by searching the catalog or by searching the Gale platform below:

Sociology Research Guide

You may also wish to consult the research guide for sociology for additional information on social problems and issues.  There are links to additional resources in the guide.