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Communications & Speech Research Guide: Town Hall Meeting

A guide to resources for choosing a speech topic, presentation tips, and information sources for speech and interpersonal communication topics.

Carroll County Organizations

Suggested Links

Organizations & Services


Suggested Searches in Databases

  • Baltimore Sun (see box above for link):
    • oyster* AND chesapeake bay
    • Search by subject for oysters
  • Academic Search Premier (Go to Find Articles for link):
    • concussion* and student* and sports

Find organization & government websites

Google Web Search

To find organizational websites, add site:org with your search terms

  • Example:  Chesapeake Bay site:org

To find government websites, add site:gov with your search terms

  • Example:  "Northern Snakehead" and Maryland site:gov

For this topic, try both:

  • mount airy and "rails to trails" site:org
  • mount airy and "rails to trails" site:gov