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Communications & Speech Research Guide: Informative Speech (General)

A guide to resources for choosing a speech topic, presentation tips, and information sources for speech and interpersonal communication topics.

What's an Informative Speech?

According to your textbook, Essential Communication, the purpose of an informative speech "describe, explain, or instruct."  Your "primary intent is not to change attitudes or make the audience members feel differently about the topic." In other words, this is a factual speech, not opinion-based.

Some common types/topics of informative speeches are:

  • Objects (people, places, animals, etc.)
  • Processes or How-to/Demonstration
  • Events (historical events, holidays, activities/sports, etc.)
  • Concepts (beliefs, ideas, theories)


Speech Topics

Statistics - Facts by Number

Great places to start

Subject-Specific Encyclopedias

For more in-depth information

For more detailed information, search for a whole book on your topic, or even a just a chapter in a book.

He Said, She Said - Quotations