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Information Literacy Guide: Why Information Literacy?

A guide to support faculty in incorporating General Education Learning Goal #4 into the curriculum.

General Education Learning Goal #4

Carroll Community College has recognized the value of Information Literacy as evidenced by its inclusion as Learning Goal #4 in the General Education Program.

Information Literacy is also supported as a general education requirement for public institutions by the Code of Maryland Federal Regulations (13B.06.01.03).  Its integration into the curriculum is mandated by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

"Promoting and assessing student and faculty awareness and acquisition of informaton literacy skills directly supports the college mission in a number of ways:

  • Supports General Education Learning Goal #4:  Students will research, create, and communicate information through appropriate technology or media.
  • Addresses the intellectual needs of the learner by helping them develop the information seeking skills needed to compete successfully in a rapidly changing world
  • Maximizes awareness and use of library and college resources
  • Promotes effective teaching by collaborating with faculty on assignment creation and use of library resources and information technology
  • Responds to the individualized information needs of students in the classroom through library instruction and one-on-one assistance at the Reference Desk
  • Assists students with the development of critical thinking skills that enable them to participate fully in a democratic society and facilitate their intellectual development and lifelong learning"

(Library & Information Literacy Committee Plan 12/07)

Instructors are encouraged to use the following rubric when creating research assignments to ensure that they have incorporated Information Literacy goals into the assignment: