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Information Literacy Guide: 2. Research Assignment Handout Guidelines

A guide to support faculty in incorporating General Education Learning Goal #4 into the curriculum.

Creating the Syllabus & Handouts

According to Project Information Literacy, 76% of students surveyed considered written guidelines about course-related assignments to be one of the most helpful materials the instructor can provide. 

  • Incorporate Information Literacy into your research assignment by clearly describing the assignment requirements and your expectations for the sources that students should use in your syllabus and/or handouts. 
  • Consider discussing the assignment with a librarian during the design process. 
  • Request library instruction for your class so that students can be introduced to the best resources for their assignment. 
  • Make certain that students know that librarians can assist them individually with their research.

Use the Research Assignment Handout Checklist below when designing a research assignment to ensure that your syllabus/handout communicates your Information Literacy goals for your students.

Instructors are encouraged to use the Carroll CC rubric when creating research assignments to ensure that they have incorporated Information Literacy goals into the assignment.

Project Information Literacy: Handouts Study