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Information Literacy Guide: 1. Pre-Assessment Tools

A guide to support faculty in incorporating General Education Learning Goal #4 into the curriculum.

Assess Skills Before Introducing the Research Assignment

Use these pre-assessments early in the semester to determine your students' ability to access books, articles, and reliable websites.

If students' research skills are weak, the class could benefit from library instruction designed to support the research assignment.

The ideal time for library instruction is just after the assignment is introduced when students are familiar with your requirements and expectations.

Use the online Library Instruction Request form (below) to request an instruction session for your students and/or discuss the research assignment with the library liaison for your Department.

Request Library Instruction

Use this form to request library instruction. 

The instruction is scheduled by a library staff member who manages the instruction calendar.  She determines which librarian will do the instruction and notifies the librarian and instructor once the session has been scheduled.

If the instructor and the library liaison have already discussed the instruction, this information can be provided in the goals field.

Discipline Liaisons

Librarians can assist faculty with incorporating Information Literacy into the curriculum by:

  • providing library instruction for classes
  • collaborating with faculty in assignment design
  • creating research guides for disciplines or specific classes
  • embedding library resources & services into Blackboard courses