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History 101 Library Activities: Nika Riots

Library activities for Stefanie Strosnider's HIST 101-05 class, Fall 2014

Nika Riots - Starting Places

Where was Nika and why was it the scene of a riot?

Print Sources:

From Rome to Byzantium AD 363 to 565: The Transformation of Ancient Rome - DG 311 L44 2013 (Note - Last part of the book is on the Age of Justinian and gives an overview on the era that led up to the riots).

The Oxford History of Byzantium - DF 552 O94 2002

Electronic Sources:


Nika Riots - Citizens and Chariot Teams

Rioting after your sports team of choice wins or loses that key game is nothing new and from the perspective of the Emperor, better they riot about sports than the high taxes they're shelling out to rebuild the Roman Empire. Or are they rioting about taxes after all? How does the little guy benefit, or fail to benefit, from Justinian's actions?

Print Sources:

Constantinople in the Age of Justinian - DR 729 D7 1991

Electronic Sources:

Nika Riots - Justinian and Theodora

Emperor Justinian had conquered back a good part of the Roman Empire, but at what cost? His wife and Empress Theodora wants him to take a hard line with the rioters, and by hard line we're talking about slaughter en masse. What are the consequences of their actions? Who hired these two, anyway?

Print Sources:

The Emperor Justinian and the Byzantine Empire - DF 572 E83 2005

Justinian: The Last Roman Emperor - DF 572 B 34 2002

Theodora: Portrait in a Byzantine Landscape - DF 572.5 B7 1984

Electronic Sources:

Nika Riots - Primary Sources

Print Sources:

The Secret History: With Related Texts - DF 572 P813 2010 (Has a section on the Nika Riots).

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