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History 101 Library Activities: Crusades

Library activities for Stefanie Strosnider's HIST 101-05 class, Fall 2014

Crusades - Starting Places

What made a bunch of folks from western Europe hop on their horses and ride to the Levant to fight the Muslim kingdoms? When did all this happen and why?

Print Sources:

Debate of the Crusades - D 156.58 T94 2011

Encyclopedia of the Crusades - REF D155 A6 2003 (Note - This book cannot be checked out)

The First Crusade: The Call from the East - D 161.2 F74 2012

Holy Warriors: A Modern History of the Crusades - D 157 P55 2010

Electronic Sources:


Crusades - Christians

Print Sources:

The Crusader States - D 182 B37 2012

People of the First Crusade - D 161.2 F 67 1997

Electronic Resources:

Crusades - Knights and Nobles

Crusades - Pope Urban and the Papacy

Crusades - Muslims

Print Sources:

The Cross and the Crescent: A History of the Crusades - D 157 B55 1988

The Crusades Through Arab Eyes - DS 38.6 M3213 1985

Infidel Kings and Holy Warriors: Faith, Power and Violence in the Age of Crusade and Jihad - DE 94 C37 2014

Electronic Sources:

Crusades - Jews and other Religious/Ethnic Minorities

Crusades - Economics and Social Outcomes

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