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History 101 Library Activities: Trial and Execution of Socrates

Library activities for Stefanie Strosnider's HIST 101-05 class, Fall 2014

Trial and Execution of Socrates-Starting Places

Who is Socrates and why is he on trial in the first place? And why was his execution such a big deal? Get the scoop on the man and his demise right here.

Print Sources:

Athens: A portrait of the City in its Golden Age - DF 227 M4313 1998

Peloponnesian War - DF 229 T75 2004 (Contains chapter War, Philosophy, and Sokrates)

Socrates: A Man for our Times - B 317 J65 2011

Socrates: A Very Short Introduction -  B 317 T24 2000

Electronic Sources:

Trial and Execution of Socrates - Plantiffs and the Defense

What were the charges about Socrates and were they justified?

Print Sources:

Trial of Socrates - B 317 S76 1988

Electronic Sources:


Trial and Execution of Socrates - Socrates and did he really say that?

Socrates probably had an opinion about his trial and execution--he certainly had an opinion about just about everything else, after all! Problem is, most of what we know comes secondhand from Plato. Was he accurate? Did anyone else have something to say about what was going on?

Print Sources:

Plato's Socrates - B 317 B69 1994

Electronic Sources:

Trial and Execution of Socrates - After the Execution

What was the impact of the death of Socrates? Was Athens happy with the trial's outcome? How did it impact philosophy and inquiry in Athens and throughout the Hellenic world?

Print Sources:

Ancient Greece: A Political, Social, and Cultural History - DF 77 A595 1999 (End of Chapter 8 and Chapter 9)

Electronic Sources:

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