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History Research Guide: History of US from 1876

This guide will point students to print and online sources which are useful when researching historical topics.

Titles of Interest

The following are selected general histories of the United States from Reconstruction to post World War II

  • A short history of Reconstruction, 1863-1877 / Eric Foner - E 668 F662 1990
  • The rise of industrial America : a people's history of the post-Reconstruction era - E 661 S58 1984
  • America in the gilded age : from the death of Lincoln to the rise of Theodore Roosevelt - E 661 C38 1993
  • The Oxford illustrated history of the First World War  - D 521 O94 2014
  • Grand expectations : the United States, 1945-1974 - E 173 O94 1996
  • The Great Depression - Folio E 806 B9 1996
  • Double victory : a multicultural history of America in World War II - D 769 T42 2000
  • American heritage new history of World War II - Folio D 743.2 A48 1997
  • Cold war : an illustrated history, 1945-1991 - D 843 I77 1998
  • The Korean War : an international history - DS 918 S819 1995
  • The Columbia guide to the Vietnam War - DS 557.5 A54 2002
  • From colony to superpower : U.S. foreign relations since 1776 -      E 183.7 H44 2008

Online Catalog


Use the online catalog to conduct a keyword or subject search. Be sure to note:

  • the collection of the item (Reference, Periodical, Folio, Book)
  • the item's call number
  • whether the item is available or has been checked out
  • if the item is an ebook or website, use the embedded link to access it.

To become more familiar with searching the online catalog, complete the online Library Tutorial


Salem History

Salem History is a collection of Web-based ebooks that deal with a number of topics.  The following sources are included in Salem History: The Encyclopedia of Immigration, Historical Encyclopedia of American Business, and Milestone Documents (1940s-1990s)


e-books are accessible through the online catalog or from the e-book vendor's website.  In the online catalog, e-books are identified as e-Book under the collection.  You may need your full Carroll CC email address and password to get into these off-campus.

The preferred way to search for e-books is through the online catalog. Enter your keywords and then limit your search by format to ebook and your location to Carroll Community College.

To search for e-books through a vendor's website, go to the Library's ebook web page and select one of the ebook sites.

Primary Sources in Print

E 183 A498 2006 American Speeches
FOLIO E173 W78 1999 Witness to America: an illustrated documentary history of the United States from the Revolution to today
E 173 W87 1997 The Words that Make American Great