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History Research Guide: History of U.S. to 1876

This guide will point students to print and online sources which are useful when researching historical topics.

Web Based Films & Media

One can find free streamed media on the Internet as another resource for historical research.  The following sites provide access to streamed films and sound files.

Films and Media in the Library

Films are a particularly rich media for presenting historical information.  One can search for films in the Library's online catalog by restricting a search to the Video keyword search box.  Instructional films are intended for classroom use and cannot be checked out of the Library, however; they may be viewed on workstations in the Library. 

The following historical films may be of interest:

  • Witches of Salem - Classroom Video 363
  • The American Revolution - Classroom Video 858 (6 tapes)
  • American Visions:  The Republic of Virtue - Classroom Video 799 (program 1)
  • American Visions:  The Promised Land - Classroom video 799 (program 2)
  • The Civil War - Classroom Video 1086 (9 tapes)
  • Lewis & Clark: explorers of the New Frontier - Classroom Video 1159
  • Roots of Resistance:  A Story of the Underground Railroad - Classroom Video 906

Streaming Video